Morocco poised to break avocado export record despite challenges

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Published Feb 8, 2024

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Despite facing challenges such as a damaging storm and fruit quality issues, Morocco's avocado season is on track to potentially break export records. As of January 7, the country has exported 70% of its target of 60 thousand tons for the 2023-2024 season, primarily to the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and France. Even with a decrease in demand this season, the Moroccan Avocado Association remains hopeful due to favorable rainfall and substantial underground water reserves in the main production area.
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The avocado season in Morocco continues to progress, and the possibility of breaking an export record, according to Abdellah Elyamlahi, president of the Moroccan Avocado Association. Until January 7, Morocco has already exported 30 thousand tons of avocados for the 2023-2024 season, reaching 70% of its target of 60 thousand tons. Despite a slower start to the campaign than expected, Morocco faces natural and commercial challenges. In October, Storm Bernard caused considerable losses, with 6,000 tonnes of fruit lost, mainly in the Larache region, the heart of Moroccan avocado production. Additionally, problems with inadequate sizes have affected fruit quality, hampering export performance. Pricing in October was also a major challenge, with producers looking to take advantage of the fruit shortage in the European market. This speculation led to delays in exports, a drop in demand and a fall in prices in November. Price stabilization was only achieved in January, when competition ...
Source: Agrimaroc
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