Egypt: Orange export begins 12-5-2023

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Published Dec 4, 2023

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The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that orange exports will begin on December 5th. Dr. Saad Moussa, the Chief Supervisor of Agricultural Quarantine and Foreign Agricultural Relations, emphasized the need to adhere to export requirements, including exporting from approved farms and providing necessary tracking data. Egypt has been the top orange exporter globally for the past three years, and the agricultural quarantine department is working to maintain this position and expand into new markets.
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The Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Agricultural Quarantine Department, announced the start of exporting oranges on December 5th. Dr. Saad Moussa - Chief Supervisor of Agricultural Quarantine and Foreign Agricultural Relations - said that instructions were issued to start the orange export season, following consultations with all sectors concerned with Egyptian agricultural exports, led by the Export Council for Agricultural Crops and the specialized technical bodies affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture. “Moussa” explained in a press statement that orange raw materials are scheduled to be received and inspected at approved and agricultural quarantine-coded packing stations, starting from 12/2/2023, provided that shipments prepared for export are allowed to enter customs departments starting from 12/5/2023, noting the necessity of communication. Exporters and packing stations with the Exporters Service Department to request assigning agricultural quarantine ...
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