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Murcia will be the 3rd almond producer in Spain despite the intense spring rains and drought

Murcia será la 3ª productora de almendra de España pese a las lluvias intensas de primavera y a la sequía
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Sep 13, 2022
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The drop in almond production in the Region of Murcia, which is estimated at one third compared to last year, will not prevent it from being the third producing area in Spain, only behind Andalusia and Extremadura, despite the intense spring rains and drought, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Luengo.
The number of almond farms in the Region is close to 9,000. Ecological cultivation stands out, which is slightly above 30,000 hectares. The counselor explained that in 2021 the area dedicated to this crop was 83,000 hectares, of which 76,400 were put into production, while in 2022 the area has been reduced to 82,700, but there have been 77,200 hectares in production. Last year, 37,000 tons (in shell) were obtained, which meant 10,150 tons of nugget, with an approximate average yield of 27 percent. In 2022 it is estimated that there will be some 24,300 tons of almonds (in shell) and a seed production of some 6,300 tons, with a seed yield of 26 percent. Luengo stressed that, "considering that the productive potential of the almond trees in the Region could reach a total of 46,300 tons, it could be said that this year the harvest will be 48 percent less than what could have been obtained in the event of having had some optimal conditions. The main problems that farmers have ...
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