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In 2022, Chile exported almost double the amount of salmon that Argentina generated with the sales of meat

Updated Jan 31, 2023
The Chilean "mirror" is a formidable tool to be able to appreciate the magnitude of Argentina's decadence, which is not explained by a lack of intellectual or natural resources, but by the growing effectiveness of the "machine to prevent" that is the State in all your orders. In 2022, Chilean exports of farmed fish (salmon and trout) were 6,605 million dollars, most of which correspond to shipments made to the traditional markets of the US, Japan, and Brazil. The fact is that last year Chile sent farmed fish to China for an amount of 181.2 million dollars, a figure 108% higher than that registered in 2021, which shows that the Asian market has already taken the "taste" of it. Chilean salmon and now they will go for more. Farmed fish are Chile's third largest export product, behind lithium carbonate (which in 2022 registered a year-on-year growth of 777% to generate 7,763 million dollars!) and the traditional copper mineral (with sales in 2022 of 43,888 million dollars). And how ...
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