EU: Negative moods of beef producers

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Market & Price Trends
Published Jan 25, 2024

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The European Commission forecasts a 9% decrease in beef production in the EU over the next decade, driven by sustainable agricultural practices, global nutritional trends, and the popularity of meat substitutes. By 2032, the average European is expected to consume less pork and beef, but more poultry. The anticipated decline in beef production in 2023 is linked to drought and high feed costs.
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European Commission forecasts indicate that in the coming years most red meat producers will record production declines, according to experts from the European Fund for Polish Rural Development. It is estimated that by 2032, an average European will eat on average 1.3 kg less pork and 0.8 kg less beef and veal. However, an increase in poultry consumption is forecast - by 0.7 kg. The situation on the meat producers' market in the European Union is changing dynamically. Factors related to the sustainable development of agriculture, global nutritional trends and the development of the production of so-called products have an increasing impact on meat production. meat-like. The European Commission estimates that meat consumption per person in the EU will decrease over a decade, i.e. in 2022–2032, by 1.5 kg (from 67.5 kg to 66 kg). This means a decrease in consumption of 672,600,000 kg of meat per year. Negative moods of beef and veal producers - one in 10 cows may disappear The group ...
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