North-western European Potato Growers: 15% of potatoes are not yet harvested in the Netherlands

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Published Nov 28, 2023

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The Northwestern European Federation of Potato Growers (NEPG) reports that a significant percentage of potatoes in the Netherlands and Belgium are still in the ground, leading to potential loss. The NEPG also warns of problems with storage. So far, the potato harvest in these countries has yielded 22.2 million tons out of 23.6 million tons, with 1.4 million tons remaining to be harvested. The NEPG also expresses concern about a shortage of seed potatoes next spring due to a decrease in availability and quality problems.
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In the Netherlands, 15% of potatoes are still in the ground, in Belgium 11%. At least some of this must be considered lost. There are also problems with storage. This is reported by the NEPG, the Northwestern European Federation of Potato Growers. Potato harvest yields So far, according to the NEPG, 22.2 million tons of potatoes have been harvested out of 23.6 million tons in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. 1.4 million tons have not yet been harvested. The yield in these countries this year is on average 45.8 tons per hectare. That is an average of more than 6% more than last year. The costs of harvesting, including cleaning, drying and storage, are high. At the beginning of last week, the Belgian trade organization Belpotato reported that a fifth to a quarter of the potatoes in Belgium had not yet been harvested. NEPG's estimate is therefore more favorable. Fear of seed potato shortage The NEPG fears a shortage of seed potatoes next spring. ...
Source: Boerderij
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