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Nigeria releases 49 high-yielding new crop varieties for farmers

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Mar 30, 2022
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This brings the total high-yielding varieties of crops released to farmers to 67 within two years.
The National Varieties Release Committee (NVRC) has released 49 high-yielding crop varieties to boost Nigeria’s agricultural productivity. The release of the new crop varieties was announced on Wednesday by the NVRC chairman, Oladosu Awoyemi, during its 30th meeting of the National Committee on naming, registration and release of crop varieties, livestock breed/fishes in Ibadan. Mr Awoyemi explained that all the 49 hybrid varieties of 11 crops submitted for consideration, registration and release by the Nigerian research institutes and private sector seed companies were approved for release. “The released crop varieties include two rice hybrids namely Arize 6444 Gold and Arize TEJ Gold.Two high protein-rich oat varieties namely SAMOAT 1 and SAMOAT 2, three Durum wheat varieties namely LACRI-WHIT 12D and LACRI- WHIT 13D,” he said. Also released are three “proVitamin A” hybrids cassava, namely; UMUCASS 52, UMUCASS 53 and UMUCASS 54. “Nineteen maize varieties namely ILOMAZ 2; HAKIM ...
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