North Korean cooperative farms also use plant growth regulators, this year’s double-cropping agricultural performance receives attention

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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The North focused on double cropping this year, specifically two-crop farming and two-cropping farming. These methods, which involve growing various crops like rice, wheat, barley, and corn, were highlighted as crucial for improving food production. The Rodong Sinmun reported that Yakjeon Farm in Sukcheon County achieved significant innovation in two-crop farming, with a 32% increase in grain production compared to the previous year.
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The North put a lot of effort into double cropping this year. In particular, two-crop farming, which involves growing rice, wheat, and barley, and two-cropping farming, which involves cultivating wheat and corn, were promoted as one of the key tasks in annual farming in the North. This is because the success or failure of two-crop farming directly affects food production. On November 24, North Korea's Rodong Sinmun published an interesting article related to this, saying that 'Yakjeon Farm' in Sukcheon County, South Pyongan Province had created an innovation in two-crop farming. ...
Source: Nongmin
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