Norway sells more salmon and trout abroad in week 11 of 2024, while average prices drop

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Published Mar 21, 2024

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The average price of Norwegian salmon fell by 2.71% in the 11th week of 2024, reaching NOK 107.88 (USD 10.11, EUR 9.32) per kilogram, according to the Nasdaq Salmon Index. Despite the weekly drop, prices have seen a 27.52% increase over the past 12 weeks. The Norwegian Salmon Council's report indicates that Norway exported 14,708 metric tons (MT) of salmon and trout in the same week, an increase from the previous week's 14,550 MT and 13,880 MT in the same week of 2023. Additionally, the received metric tons rose from 522 to 895, and U.S. imports increased from 32 MT to 128 MT.
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Average Norwegian salmon prices dropped NOK 3 (USD 0.28, EUR 0.26) week over week, or 2.71 percent, in the 11th week of 2024, according to the Nasdaq Salmon Index, a database that provides weekly sales updates and a weighted average price for fresh, head-on gutted Atlantic superior salmon from Norway.The average per-kilogram price of Norwegian salmon in the 11th week of 2024 reached NOK 107.88 (USD 10.11, EUR 9.32), dropping 2.71 percent from the NOK 110.89 (USD 10.39, EUR 9.58) recorded the week before.The index reported average per-kilo prices of Norwegian salmon are down by NOK 0.63 (USD 0.06, EUR 0.05), or 0.58 percent, over the past four weeks and up NOK 23.28 (USD 2.18, EUR 2.01), or 27.52 percent, over the past 12 weeks, strecthing back to late 2023.Salmon between 1 and 2 kilograms accounted for 0.5 percent of total sales during the 11th week of 2024 and reached an average price of NOK 75.41 (USD 7.07, EUR 6.52), marking an increase from week 10's NOK 72.12 (USD 6.76, EUR ...
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