Bulgaria: Oil producers said the government abdicated, there would be bankruptcies and protests in the spring

Published Jan 30, 2024

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The Association of Vegetable Oil and Oil Products Producers in Bulgaria has warned that the country's agriculture sector is not under threat from Ukrainian imports, but rather from the government's inaction. The association predicts that processing plants may start closing in the spring due to a lack of raw materials, leading to job losses and strikes. This situation has been exacerbated by Ukraine not approving a single import license, causing Ukrainian exporters to cancel their contracts for sunflower and rapeseed supply to the Bulgarian processing industry. The association argues that the root cause of these issues is the poor competitiveness of Bulgarian agriculture, not Ukrainian imports.
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At no time has there been a threat to Bulgarian agriculture dictated by imports from Ukraine, oilseed processors say in an official position. because of the inaction and silence after the meeting with the association on January 19 of this year. "It is high time for it (the government) to take political responsibility for its actions and inactions," states the Association of Vegetable Oil and Oil Products Producers in Bulgaria. In their official position, the member companies of the association state that it is very likely that in the spring the processing plants will begin to close due to lack of raw materials. They employ 20,000 people. "This will lead to redundancies and effective strike action across the industry and the oil and feed dependent sectors." The opinion said "there must be some reasonable limit to the government's willingness to meet all their demands." (farmers') demands. Using restrictions on imports from Ukraine as an attempt to suppress farmers' demands is not a ...
Source: Agroplovdiv
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