The olive oil production in Uruguay is set to rebound

Updated Jul 9, 2021
After Uruguay recorded one of its worst-ever harvests in 2020, production is expected to bounce back in 2021. A combination of many producers entering an off-year in the olive tree’s alternate bearing cycle and springtime frosts during the flowering season followed by an exceptionally dry summer caused production to slump to just 295 tons in the 2019/20 crop year. This year, the weather was more favorable, and many producers entered an on-year. With the vast majority of producers finishing their harvests in late June, preliminary estimates suggest Uruguay could have its second-highest production total ever. “Luckily, this year, the production was a lot better than in 2020,” Martin Robaina, the president of the Uruguayan Olive Association (Asolur) and producer at Lote8, told Olive Oil Times. ​“It was not as good as that of 2019, where we had our record harvest of 2,500 tons, but we will be close.” Based on preliminary estimates and conversations with producers, Robaina estimated ...
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