Onion prices in Ukraine have reached a historical record: when to expect a decrease

Updated May 28, 2023
The wholesale price of onions in Ukraine has reached a historical record in hryvnias - UAH 48, or $1.31. This is higher than the previous maximum, which was recorded in May 2019 – 33 UAH/kg. However, price stabilization should be expected in the coming weeks, EastFruit reports.
"Currently, there are practically no local onions left in Ukraine. Imports from EU countries of onions for the 2022 harvest are offered at prices of $1.20-1.40/kg, and this week prices have risen," explains the expert of the independent analytical company "APK- Information: fruits and vegetables" Evgeny Kuzyn. There are no more high-quality onions left: prices for the vegetable are rising rapidly The main reason for the high prices is the destruction as a result of the Russian invasion of one of Europe's largest clusters of small and medium-sized vegetable farmers growing, storing and processing onions in the southern regions of Ukraine. At the same time, a new crop is already coming to the market, which is cheaper. But the demand for young onion is not so great. In turn, mass import from the countries of Central Asia, where there is an overabundance of this vegetable, is not carried out due to expensive logistics. However, an increase in deliveries from Turkey is expected. The ...
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