Only in the 3rd year of the war, the Polish authorities began to talk about limiting the export of agricultural products from the Russian Federation

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Published Mar 2, 2024

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Polish Prime Minister D. Tusk is considering a ban on agricultural imports from Russia and Belarus due to market distortions, following Latvia's ban on Russian grain and calls for EU-wide sanctions. This comes as Ukraine claims excessive Russian supplies, including stolen grain, have caused a drop in global grain prices. Polish farmers are protesting against EU environmental standards and perceived unfair competition from Ukraine. In 2023, Poland imported goods worth $2.6 billion from Russia, $450 million from Belarus, and Ukraine exported $1.3 billion worth of agricultural products to Poland.
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Polish Prime Minister D. Tusk announced a possible ban on the import of agricultural products from the Russian Federation and Belarus, which leads to market distortions. Latvia has already banned the import of grain from the Russian Federation and demands that the EU apply similar sanctions. Following it, Poland may also introduce an embargo on supplies from the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian authorities have long explained that the cause of the collapse of world grain prices was excessive supplies from the Russian Federation, including 5 million tons of grain stolen in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Polish farmers continue to block the transit and supply of products from Ukraine, protesting against EU environmental standards and unfair, in their opinion, competition from Ukraine. The detention of Ukrainian journalist Mykhailo Tkach near the Polish-Belarusian border while his group was filming a story about Poland's trade with the Russian Federation and Belarus could have ...
Source: Graintrade
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