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Outlook For U.S. Ag Imports

United States
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Jun 30, 2022
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Outlook For U.S. Ag ImportsAgricultural imports in FY 2022 are forecast to reach a record $165.0 billion—$1.7 billion more than the $163.3 billion recorded for FY 2021, and $5.5 billion above the August forecast. Increases are expected for the imports of each major product group.The forecast for FY 2022 horticultural product imports is adjusted upward by $2.0 billion to $85.8 billion, which is still below the record total from FY 2021 of $86.1 billion. The largest forecast adjustment within the horticultural products group is a $900 million increase to expected distilled spirits imports following a surge in import volumes in the last half of FY 2021.The wine import forecast is increased $600 million by the same reasoning. Fresh fruit imports are raised $400 million from the August forecast as import volumes continue to increase in addition to rising unit values. Higher volumes of tree nut imports late in FY 2021 lead to a $100 million increase in the forecast for FY 2022 nut ...
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