Over 3 months, Robusta coffee prices have increased nearly 50% compared to the end of 2023 in Vietnam

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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The article highlights a significant surge in coffee prices, with Robusta and Arabica futures for May 2024 delivery experiencing notable increases, nearly 50% and 20% respectively, since the end of 2023. This price hike is attributed to a scarcity of domestic coffee supplies in Vietnam, reaching historic highs, and concerns over future coffee crop outputs in Brazil and Vietnam, potentially worsened by La Nina weather conditions. Despite a decrease in export volumes from Vietnam since March 2024, the value of exports has risen due to the higher prices. The global coffee market is facing challenges, including forecasts of decreased coffee-growing areas and adverse weather conditions affecting key coffee-producing regions. The market also showed signs of volatility or profit-taking by traders, as indicated by a strong sell-off during a weekend session.
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According to At the end of last week's trading session, the price of Robusta coffee in London for delivery in May 2024 increased by 57 USD/ton, at 3,900 USD/ton, for delivery in July 2024 increased by 62 USD/ton, at 3,852 USD/ton. . Arabica coffee price for delivery in May 2024 increased by 4.3 cents/lb, at 224.65 cents/lb, for delivery in July 2024 increased by 3.1 cents/lb, at 220.45 cents/lb. Summarizing last week, the price of Robusta coffee futures for May delivery increased by a total of 156 USD. The price of Arabica coffee futures for May delivery increased by 12.15 cents. Domestic coffee prices continue to increase by an average of 7,000 VND/kg. The price of green Robusta coffee last weekend in key regions in the Central Highlands once again set a new record, when some places had a purchasing price of up to 112,000 VND/kg. Domestic coffee prices last week reached a historic milestone of 110,000 VND/kg in the context of scarcity. Currently, the lowest recorded ...
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