Over six years, exports of halal products in Russia increased by 38%

Published May 15, 2024

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The Russian market for halal products, excluding pork, has seen a consistent annual growth of 2-3% over the past five years, driven by both an increasing Muslim population and demand from non-Muslim consumers for products perceived as cleaner and higher quality. The demand is met by a range of halal products, including meat, dairy, and confectionery, with the certification process becoming more regulated to ensure quality. Halal product exports have also surged, with a 38% increase from 2018-2023, despite a slight monetary decrease in 2023, primarily to the Middle East and Iran. Russia is actively seeking to expand its agricultural trade with the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but the varying certification standards in these regions present significant export challenges.
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Over the past five years, the demand for halal products (which is permitted and acceptable in Islam) in Russia has been growing by 2-3% per year, estimates Albert Davleev, president of the consulting company Agrifood Strategies. We are talking, first of all, about meat (with the exception of pork). Now the production of halal poultry meat by different companies ranges from 1% to 10% of the total output, the expert estimates. But halal is possible in confectionery, dairy and other products. According to the general director of Soyuzmolok Artem Belov, the production of halal dairy products is concentrated in regions with a high share of the Muslim population. It is estimated that it does not yet exceed 1% of the total market volume. The population's interest in halal is obvious. Firstly, the number of Muslims in Russia is growing - now there are from 24 to 27 million people in the country. Moreover, in many countries with a predominant Muslim population, commitment to the ...
Source: RG
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