Overseas Agricultural Information Bulletin (Issue 434)

Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 13, 2024

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The Philippine Department of Agriculture is implementing strategies to boost rice production and mitigate inflation, which rose from 3.4% in February to 3.7% in March, driven by escalating food and transportation costs. Efforts include advancing mechanization, reducing post-harvest losses, and narrowing the variety of rice from 18 to 2-3 per region to cut milling losses, currently at 15-20%. In contrast, Cambodia's rice exports in the first quarter of 2024 saw a decline, totaling 166,500 tons worth US$123 million, with a notable 49% decrease in exports to China, shifting the European Union to become its largest rice market, representing 47% of Cambodia's total rice exports.
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2. According to the Philippine Star on April 6, the spokesperson of the Philippine Department of Agriculture, De Mesa, said on the same day that the current focus of the Philippine Department of Agriculture is to increase rice production, reduce production costs and ease rice inflation by improving the level of mechanization and reducing post-harvest losses. Due to the increase in food and transportation costs, Philippine inflation accelerated from 3.4% in February to 3.7% in March. De said that the loss of Philippine rice during drying and milling is 15% to 20%, and the rice yield is only 50% to 55%. One of the reasons is that there are many varieties of rice and the grain shape is too different. The Philippines plans to reduce the current 18 rice varieties in each region to 2 to 3 to reduce rice milling losses. 3. The Cambodia-China Times reported on April 5 that according to the Cambodia Rice Federation, in the first quarter of 2024, Cambodia ...
Source: Foodmate
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