Overseas Agricultural Information Bulletin (Issue 437)

United States
Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 18, 2024

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A recent report has highlighted a concerning outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza among dairy cows in North Carolina, marking it as the seventh U.S. state to report such an outbreak. Despite the potential alarm, the risk to the public remains low, with dairy products undergoing pasteurization before being sold. In a separate report by the World Bank, the 'Africa Pulse' for April 2024 reveals a grim picture of food insecurity in Africa, with 105 million people facing severe challenges in March 2024. The economic growth in the region has been insufficient to make a significant dent in poverty levels, with Sub-Saharan Africa experiencing only a 1% increase in per capita GDP and a 1% decrease in the extreme poverty rate, both figures trailing behind the global average.
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2. The U.S. Agricultural Pulse website reported on April 10 that a herd of dairy cows in North Carolina, the United States, was recently infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza. Currently, the number of states in the United States where dairy cows have been found to be infected with avian influenza has reached seven, including Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Idaho, New Mexico and Ohio. U.S. official agencies said that the risk of infection to the public is still low, and dairy products have been pasteurized before entering the market. 3. The World Bank released the April 2024 edition of the "Africa Pulse" report on April 10, saying that in March 2024, 105 million people in Africa faced severe food insecurity, and the region's economic expansion rate was ...
Source: Foodmate
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