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Turkey: Ovine breeders are satisfied with the discount made by the ESK on the price of lamb

Küçükbaş hayvan yetiştiricileri ESK'nin kuzu eti fiyatına yaptığı indirimden memnun
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Aug 5, 2022
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Nihat Celik, Chairman of the Turkey Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders' Central Union (TÜDKİYEB), stated that the reduction of up to 25 percent in the price of lamb made by the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK) is pleasing. Çelik, in his written statement, drew attention to the importance of the discount decision of the ESK for consumers.
Stating that they welcomed the good news of Vahit Kirişci, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, that up to 25 percent discount will be made in lamb meat in ESK stores, Çelik said: "In this sense, we would like to thank him on behalf of our industry and our consumers. It is very accurate for our citizens to reduce the lamb meat consumption from 129.75 liras to 98 liras, for lamb chops from 181.5 liras to 137 liras, and lamb neck from 114.5 liras to 86 liras after the discount. It has been a decision.” "Increase carcass purchase prices" Stating that they want the IHC, which aims to maintain the stability in prices by increasing the purchase of sheep and lambs from the breeders, they wish to succeed, Çelik made the following assessment: "We want both our breeders and our consumers to win. At least we can find a common denominator. Therefore, we care about the reduction in lamb meat prices. Red meat consumption of the citizens decreases depending on their purchasing power. We think ...
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