Paraguay awaits the arrival of kosher crews in five refrigerators

Published May 21, 2024

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Some Israeli meat processing plants are set to receive work equipment for processing Paraguayan beef imports next week, with more arriving later in the month. The export price is expected to be around $5,500 per ton, similar to the price in Brazil but lower than Uruguay. Between January and April of this year, Paraguay's beef sales to Israel totaled 7,179 tons, valued at $36 million, making Israel the fourth largest market in volume for Paraguayan beef. The export season is expected to continue until September.
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An Israeli market source told Valor Agro that some plants will receive the work equipment next week, while for the others they will arrive in the last week of the month. He explained that the agreed export price would be around $5,500 per ton, the same reference that was reached with Brazil but close to $1,000 less than Uruguay. In the case of Argentina, the arrival of teams is planned but without defined values. Added to the five plants in Paraguay, it is expected that about 4 crews will arrive in Uruguay, 3 in Brazil and a larger number in Argentina. According to the information that Valor Agro accessed, it is understood that the regular work season for Israel ...
Source: Agromeat
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