Paraguay exported the first 1,000 tons of Zero Carbon Impact Offset meat

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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Minerva Foods has launched a new product line that prioritizes sustainability by offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions with carbon credits, marking its first sale to Hong Kong from its Rosario, Argentina unit. This initiative aligns with global efforts to mitigate CO₂ emissions, exemplified by Paraguay's Carbon Credit Law enacted in October 2023. This law encourages the conservation and sustainable management of resources by reducing, eliminating, or capturing CO₂ emissions, and it also aims to boost income for improving production systems through the sale of carbon credits.
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The firm mentioned that its unit in Rosario, Argentina, also made the first sale of this line, but its destination was Hong Kong. “Our products are gaining more and more space in the market as an option focused on sustainable development, since it neutralizes the impact of greenhouse gas emissions throughout our production chain with the use of carbon credits,” Minerva highlighted. Foods. Carbon credits are an international instrument that allows companies and countries to offset carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. Since October 2023, Paraguay has had a Carbon Credit Law, the objective of which is to achieve a double ...
Source: Productivacm
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