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Published Apr 22, 2024

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Dang Anh Tuong, the CEO of V&K Fruit, a Vietnamese distributor with $85 million in annual sales, is set to revolutionize the local fruit market by introducing a 'Korean fruit premium market' in Vietnam. The company, known for importing popular Korean agricultural products such as grapes, strawberries, and apples, aims to enhance its product lineup with new grape varieties like 'Gold Sweet' and 'Glorista', known for their high sugar content. Additionally, V&K Fruit plans to expand its offerings to include Korean paprika, targeting Vietnam's upper class, further establishing the company's commitment to bringing high-quality, safe, and sweet Korean fruits to the Vietnamese market.
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“In Vietnam, Korean fruits and vegetables have the image of ‘healthy sweetness.’ “We plan to create a ‘Korean fruit premium market’ by introducing new varieties of Korean fruits, such as apples and grapes, to Vietnam.” Dang Anh Tuong, CEO of ‘V&K Fruit’, who met at the Buyer Invitational Export Consultation (BKF+) on the 18th, said this. Vietnamese distributor V&K Fruit handles fresh Korean agricultural products such as grapes, strawberries, sweet persimmons, pears, and apples. Last year’s annual sales were $85 million. He explained, “Korean strawberries, Shine Muscat, and pears are especially popular in Vietnam. Not only are the fruits sweet and delicious, but if they come from Korea, there is a perception that they are foods with proven safety.” The party leader said he was interested in new varieties of apples, grapes, and paprika. He said, “Thanks to the popularity of Shine Muscat, we plan to import new grape varieties called ‘Gold Sweet’ and ‘Glorista’.” The two varieties ...
Source: Nongmin
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