Pears from South Africa, dominate in Germany, but we can also find them in Poland

Fresh Pear
South Africa
Published Apr 3, 2024

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Pears from South Africa are becoming increasingly popular in Poland and have a significant presence in the German market, where they account for 63% of the pear supply since early March. Germany, which relies on pear imports due to its lack of self-sufficiency in production, also receives substantial quantities from Turkey, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Belgium. Despite this diversity, the import conference pear, especially from Belgium and the Netherlands, continues to be a preferred choice in Germany, with high-quality Benelux conference pears being sold for around PLN 12.00/kg on German wholesale markets.
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Pears from South Africa can be found more and more often on supermarket shelves in Poland. Interestingly, in Germany they already constitute the vast majority of the offer. Germany is not a self-sufficient country when it comes to pears, so the dominance of imported fruit is nothing new. It is worth noting that since the beginning of March, the local market has been dominated by fruits from the southern hemisphere, specifically from South Africa. As we can see in the chart below, they accounted for 63% of the supply on wholesale markets. How much do pears "from the other side of the world" cost? Depending on the variety, from PLN 6.00 to PLN 14.00 per kilogram in wholesale (after conversion). Moreover, in recent weeks, German importers have also been importing pears from Turkey, the Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium. Of course, during the entire season, the import ...
Source: Sad24
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