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Peas, another crop that shows great opportunities in the global market

Updated Jul 24, 2022
Crops are usually classified as autumn - winter - spring or spring - summer, depending on their sowing date, development, flowering and grain filling. But in many cases, as is the case of peas, they fall within the first classification in the case of crops that occur in the southern hemisphere, but this is not the case for those productions carried out in the northern hemisphere. The reasons why this happens, exceed this column, but the reality is that while in the North American hemisphere the crop is beginning to flower, in the southern hemisphere, more specifically in our country, we are starting planting.
In the current situation, everything, except the lack of rainfall, leads to the possibility of a very important campaign regarding the planting area. The positive aspects range from the commercial opening of the Chinese market, the lack of merchandise at the international level, the geopolitical problems of the Black Sea area, to the complementarity of the crop in the second-class corn rotation, where it is possible to achieve good cereal yields with important savings of nitrogenous fertilizers and long fallow herbicides. The doubt goes through the availability of rainfall that ensures a massive planting in a timely manner. Although the window can last until the first week of August, it would have been ideal if the weekend between July 15 and 17 had seen rainfall to ensure surface moisture in order to have a correct implementation. The reality, for the time being, is that if we take the rainfall averages for the north of Buenos Aires for the month of July, the situation is not ...
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