Pepper price today April 15, 2024, in Vietnam: Anchored below the mark of 90,000 VND/kg

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Published Apr 15, 2024

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On April 15, 2024, global and domestic pepper prices remained stable, with Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, and Vietnam reporting unchanged prices for their pepper varieties. Indonesia's Lampung black and Muntok white peppers, Malaysia's Kuching ASTA black and white peppers, Brazil's ASTA 570 black pepper, and Vietnam's black and white pepper grades all maintained their previous day's prices. The Vietnam Pepper Association (VPSA) reported a stable domestic price in Vietnam, with a peak at 89,500 VND/kg. Despite Vietnam's leading position in the global pepper market, the VPSA noted a 10% decrease in expected pepper output to 170,000 tons for the year, marking the lowest in five years due to competition and market fluctuations for other crops. The association called for increased support and investment to sustain Vietnam's global market role.
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World pepper prices today April 15 In the world, the pepper market on April 15 remained stable in all countries. Accordingly, the price of Lampung black pepper in Indonesia is anchored at 4,463 USD/ton. The price of Muntok white pepper in this country is at 6,179 USD/ton. Malaysia's Kuching ASTA black pepper price remained stable at 4,900 USD/ton; This country's ASTA white pepper is still priced at 7,300 USD/ton. For the Brazilian market, the price of ASTA 570 black pepper remains at 4,500 USD/ton. In Vietnam, export prices of black pepper grades 500 and 550 g/l remained at 4,200 and 4,300 USD/ton, respectively. The export price of white pepper is anchored at 6,000 USD/ton. Latest world pepper price list on April 15, 2024. Unit: USD/ton Thus, world pepper prices on April 15, 2024 have no new fluctuations compared to yesterday. Pepper prices today April 15 in the country Domestically, the pepper market on April 15 remained stable compared to yesterday. Specifically, Dak Lak and Dak ...
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