Pepper price today February 6, 2024 in Vietnam: Increased to 84,000 VND/kg

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Published Feb 6, 2024

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On February 6, 2024, the global pepper market experienced a dip in prices in Indonesia, with Lampung black pepper falling by 0.13% to 3,893 USD/ton, and Muntok white pepper decreasing by 0.1% to 6,139 USD/ton. Meanwhile, Vietnam saw a slight increase in domestic pepper prices to 84,000 VND/kg. The global pepper production is projected to decline in 2024, particularly in Vietnam. China, with an annual pepper import demand of 65,000 - 70,000 tons, relies heavily on Vietnam for supply.
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Pepper price today is February 6 in the world Around the world, the pepper market on February 6 decreased in Indonesia but remained flat in other countries. Accordingly, the price of Lampung black pepper in Indonesia decreased by 0.13%; about 3,893 USD/ton. The price of this country's Muntok white pepper decreased by 0.1%, at 6,139 USD/ton. Malaysia's Kuching ASTA black pepper price remained stable at 4,900 USD/ton; This country's ASTA white pepper is still priced at 7,300 USD/ton. For the Brazilian market, the price of ASTA 570 black pepper is at 3,270 USD/ton. In Vietnam, export prices of black pepper 500 and 550 g/l remained at 3,900 and 4,000 USD/ton, respectively; increased by 200 USD. The export price of white pepper reached 5,700 USD/ton. World pepper prices today decreased slightly in Indonesia and remained stable in other markets. According to IPC, global pepper production in 2023 will reach 539 thousand tons, down 4.3% compared to 2022. The decrease mainly comes from ...
Source: Agriculture
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