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Per capita consumption of beef in Argentina drops to 50 kg per year

El consumo per capita de carne de vacuno en Argentina baja a 50 kg por año
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Oct 20, 2020
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The consumption of beef in Argentina has stood at 50 kg / person / year compared to the 90 that was consumed at the end of the 70s, according to data from the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA), reports Cadena 3 “What we have been seeing is that these 50 kilos have been maintained for approximately two years. The value is one of the lowest ever ”, assures Eugenia Brusca, IPCVA assistant.
In recent years, the demand for beef has been replaced by other proteins such as chicken that reaches 45-47 kg per year or pork with 17 kg. The cause would be in the loss of purchasing power of the population. "During the beginning of the year, when the pandemic began, consumption tended to be upward, due to the fact that people were at home for more time and could cook a ...
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