Perspective of low commercial activity in the Brazilian corn market

Maize (Corn)
Market & Price Trends
Published Dec 1, 2023

Tridge summary

The Brazilian corn market is expected to have reduced movement on Thursday, with prices remaining firm due to supply shortages and increased demand. The Chicago Commodity Exchange is experiencing varied price dynamics, while the dollar is showing progress against the real. Prices in the Brazilian corn market remained robust on Wednesday, with consistent demand supporting prices even with limited supply.
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Original content

Throughout this Wednesday, the Brazilian corn market remained at robust prices. Some regions recorded more significant increases, with consistent demand across the country, supporting prices, even in the face of limited supply. At the Port of Santos, the bag was traded in the range of R$67.00 to R$70.00 (CIF), while at the Port of Paranaguá, the price varied between R$63.00 and R$67.00 per bag . In Paraná, in Cascavel, the price was between R$56.00 and R$60.00 per bag. In São Paulo, in Mogiana, prices fluctuated between R$60.00 and R$65.00. In Campinas CIF, the bag was quoted between R$65.50 and R$66.50. In Rio Grande do Sul, in Erechim, prices varied between R$65.00 and R$68.00 per bag. In Minas Gerais, in Uberlândia, the price was between R$65.00 and R$66.00 per bag. In Goiás, in Rio Verde – CIF, prices were in the range of R$54.00 to R$55.00 per bag. In Mato Grosso, in Rondonópolis, prices varied between R$42.50 and R$45.00 per bag. Contracts expiring in March 2024 are trading ...
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