Peru: Asparagus exports decrease 62.6% in volume in March 2024

Fresh Asparagus
Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 17, 2024

Tridge summary

In March, there was a notable 62.6% decline in asparagus exports compared to the previous year, with Spain being the top recipient of nearly half of these exports. Other significant importers included the United States, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The exported asparagus was predominantly green, accounting for 78.3% of the total, with the rest being white. The exports mainly consisted of processed asparagus, with fresh and a minor portion of frozen asparagus also being shipped. Companies Green Perú S.A. and Virú S.A. were the leading exporters, making substantial contributions to the overall export volume.
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Original content

Asparagus hit a bump in its export path in March. In an unexpected turn, there was a 62.6% decrease in exported volume compared to March of the previous year. Spain was the main destination (49.8% of the total exported), absorbing 1,328 tons of the vegetable. However, markets such as the United States, the Netherlands, France and Germany also added, with percentages ranging between 13.1% and 4.5%. Green asparagus represented 78.3% of the total exported, while white asparagus accounted for 21.7%. 60.1% was exported processed, followed by 34.0% in fresh state and a modest 5.9% in frozen state. As for exporting companies, ...
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