Peru exported 516,185 tons of table grapes for $1,554 million

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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In the 2023/2024 export campaign, Peru's table grape exports started a month early due to an earlier harvest, leading to a shipment of 516,185 tons valued at $1,554 million. This marked a 13% decrease in volume but a 6% increase in value compared to the previous season, with grapes selling at an average of $3.01 per kilogram. Despite facing challenges like high temperatures in the north impacting production, and only slight growth in central and southern regions, the increase in average price helped mitigate the value losses in some markets. The United States, the Netherlands, and China were the primary export destinations, experiencing various changes in volume and value.
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During the 2023/2024 export campaign, table grapes, one of the main products in the agro-export basket, began in August of last year, one month earlier compared to previous campaigns due to the earlier harvest of the product. According to FreshFruit, throughout the season, Peru managed to export 516,185 tons worth $1,554 million, which represented a 13% decrease in volume, but a 6% increase in value compared to the 2022/2023 season, with an average price of $3.01 per kilogram Farmers tried to reduce the damage by harvesting the fruit as quickly as possible and thus save as much volume as possible. By the end of November, the harvest was already closed (30 days ahead of schedule), having collected 375,000 boxes of the 635,000 that had been planned. The productive drop compared to the previous campaign was 14%, but it was not the same throughout Peru. The northern territory, especially Piura and La Libertad (which hosts almost 36% of all shipments), was the most affected by high ...
Source: AgroPeru
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