Peru has exported 51,418 tons of bananas so far this year

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Published Apr 24, 2024

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Peru's banana exports have seen a 15% decrease compared to last year, totaling 51,418 tons. The export volume in the last week was 871 tons, marking an 85% decrease from the same period last year. Only 13 countries have purchased Peruvian bananas this year, unlike 19 in 2023, with Spain, Mexico, and Colombia not making any purchases. The Netherlands, Panama, and Italy were the main importers. Despite a slight increase in the Dutch, Panamanian, and Italian markets, the significant drop in Chile's purchases, from 8,252 tons in 2023 to 44 tons this year, has offset this.
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So far this year, Peru has exported 51,418 tons of fresh bananas, which represents a 15% decrease compared to the previous year. In the last week, exports of the product reached only 871 tons, 85% less than in the same period last year, according to FreshFruit. Regarding the destinations of Peruvian bananas, until last week, there have only been 13 countries that have purchased the product, compared to the 19 to which it was already exported in 2023. Some of the places that have not yet purchased The Peruvian fruit has been Spain, Mexico or Colombia. The main importers have been the Netherlands, with 32% participation; followed by Panama, with 22%; and Italy, with 12%. It is worth mentioning that Chile, one of the three important destinations of Peru, this year has had a significant drop in its purchases (more than 90%), removing it from the podium and negatively influencing the accumulated exports. With respect to the Dutch market, Peru has exported a total of 16,667 tons of ...
Source: AgroPeru
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