Peruvian anchovy quota is more than half fulfilled, but new problems are encountered with Kelvin wave

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Published Nov 24, 2023

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As of November 20, the cumulative catch of Peruvian anchovies accounted for 48% of the total quota. However, industry insiders are concerned about the remaining 52% of the quota as changing ocean conditions and the impact of El Niño events may affect the completion of the quotas. Issues such as a warm "Kelvin wave" and rising seawater salinity have led to a slowdown in fishing progress, while the price of fishmeal and fish oil remains high due to scarcity and increasing demand.
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​ Regarding the remaining 52% of the quota, industry insiders remain cautiously optimistic, as there is news that local ocean conditions are changing. ​ Pablo Trapunsky, CEO of Peruvian fishing company Pesquera Diamante, said that only 27 days after the start of the season, a warm "Kelvin wave" was encountered. This unexpected weather condition once again affected the normal operation of fishing boats. ​ The Peruvian National Marine and Hydrological Institute (ENFEN) stated that the intensity of El Niño events has decreased recently, but Trapunsky believes that El Niño still has a certain impact. As summer approaches, changes in ocean conditions have caused industry insiders to worry about the completion of the remaining quotas. Trapunsky It also said that the Peruvian authorities lacked understanding and ability to act on the problems of the fishery industry, and that none of the 25 administrative measures taken to deal with the economic recession benefited the fishery ...
Source: Foodmate
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