Peruvian fresh pomegranate exports fall 33% so far this year

Published May 26, 2024

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In 2024, Peru's fresh pomegranate exports have seen a significant decrease of 33%, totaling 30,067 tons up to the recent week, with over 65 companies participating, a decrease from the previous year's nearly 100. The top three exporters are Pomica Perú S.A.C., Exportadora Frutícola del Sur S.A., and Agrícola Pampa Baja S.A.C., accounting for 12%, 11%, and 8% of the total respectively. The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States are the primary recipients, holding 61%, 9%, and 7% of the market share respectively. The majority of the shipments were made via sea from Callao and Paracas ports, and the past week saw a 51% decrease in shipments compared to the same period in 2023.
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So far in 2024, the negative gap in the exported volume of fresh pomegranates has widened compared to last year. As of last week, Peru shipped a total of 30,067 tons of the fruit, which represents a decrease of 33%, according to FreshFruit. In this same period, just over 65 companies have participated, compared to the almost 100 that made shipments in 2023. The notable decrease in the number of companies, together with the drop in the participation of some of them, has led to the fact that those that have stood out the most so far in 2024 are the same, but with slight variations. The one that is positioning itself in first place is Pomica Perú S.A.C., with 12%; followed by Exportadora Frutícola del Sur S.A., with 11%; and Agrícola Pampa Baja S.A.C., with 8%. The main destinations for Peruvian fruit were the Netherlands, with 61% share (18,479 tons); the United Kingdom, with 9% (2,622 tons), which in turn has managed to climb three positions and position itself as the second most ...
Source: AgroPeru
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