Peruvian grape debuts in Japan with nearly 2,500 tons

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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The Peruvian table grape industry has successfully entered the Japanese market in the 2023-2024 season, with a tasting event reaching around 10,000 people across four cities. By week 5, over 2,500 tons of grapes had been exported, marking a significant milestone for the industry. The Japanese market has responded positively, with Peru now ranking among the top 20 main destinations. Over 14 varieties have been exported, with Allison, Red Globe, and Sweet Globe being the most popular. The volume of exports is expected to increase, potentially making Japan one of the top 10 destinations for Peruvian grapes.
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The Peruvian table grape industry in the 2023-2024 season achieved access to the Japanese market. To learn more about the behavior of the fruit and the market, we spoke with the general manager of Provid, Alejandro Cabrera. He commented that they carried out a commercial campaign together with PromPerú and the Peruvian foreign trade commercial office in Japan. “In this context, on the first weekend of February, on the 3rd and 4th, we held a tasting of Peruvian table grapes in 30 supermarkets, in the cities of Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba. "Which has allowed us to have a reach of practically 10,000 people who have been able to try Peruvian fruit in these two days." He indicated that by week 5 we had exported 300,000 boxes of 8.2 kilos. "We are talking about more than two million kilos, almost 2,500 tons, exported by Peru to Japan in the first year that it has the possibility of receiving our fruit." Cabrera expressed “without a doubt it is an important milestone for the ...
Source: MXfruit
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