Peruvian passion fruit: A notable rise in its value in world markets in 2023

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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Peru's passion fruit exports experienced a 13% decrease in volume to 17,221 tons but saw a 15% increase in value, reaching $66 million last year. The Netherlands was the top buyer, with the United States and Chile following. The majority of exports (72%) were in juice form. The leading exporters were Quicornac S.A.C., Frutos Tongorrape S.A., and Pulpas y Procesados del Agro S.A.
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Last year, the Peruvian passion fruit maintained its status as a preferred fruit in international markets. Peru exported 17,221 tons of passion fruit worth $66 million, which represented a 13% decrease in volume compared to the previous year, but with a notable 15% increase in value, according to FreshFruit. This solid performance consolidated the position of Peruvian passion fruit in the international market, supporting its reputation as an outstanding option in the field of exotic fruits. Regarding buyers of Peruvian passion fruit, the predominant position of the Netherlands stood out, leading with 6,639 tons purchased for a value of $28 million, supported by a price per kilogram of $4.25. For its part, the United States followed closely, purchasing 2,949 tons for $12 million at a price of $4.20 per kilogram. Chile positioned itself as another relevant player, importing 2,340 tons for $8 million and a price of $3.56 per kilogram. Finally, France and Puerto Rico acquired 2,034 ...
Source: AgroPeru
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