Peruvian strawberry exports fall in volume -66.1% in March 2024

Published May 7, 2024

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In March 2024, Peruvian strawberry exports saw a significant downturn, with a 66.1% decrease to 1,045 tons from the previous year's 3,087 tons. Despite this decline, the exports were distributed across six countries, with Canada and the United States being the primary recipients, making up 34.0% and 32.9% of the exports, respectively. Other destinations included South Korea, Chile, and Japan. The export composition was predominantly frozen strawberries (75.4%), with processed and fresh strawberries making up 19.4% and 5.2%, respectively. Multifoods S.A.C. and Fracht Perú S.A.C. were the leading companies in strawberry exports, contributing significantly to the total volume.
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( Peruvian strawberry exports totaled 1,045 tons in March 2024, showing a drop of -66.1% compared to the 3,087 tons shipped in the same month of the previous year. Despite the reduction in exported volume, Peruvian strawberries continued to reach 6 destinations. Canada and the United States topped the list of destinations, representing 34.0% and 32.9% share, respectively. South Korea (11.1%), Chile (10.7%) and Japan (8.9%) also appeared as important recipients of Peruvian strawberries. Regarding the presentations, 75.4% corresponded to frozen strawberries, while 19.4% to processed strawberries and only 5.2% to fresh strawberries. Regarding the leading companies in strawberry exports, they were Multifoods S.A.C. ...
Source: Agraria
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