Peruvian table grape exports reach 60 million boxes

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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Peru's grape exports have decreased by 5% due to weather effects, particularly impacting the northern regions with a 31% decrease in fruit production. This has affected the US, European, and Asian markets, but Latin America has seen an 11% increase in volume. The El Niño phenomenon has impacted the Peruvian table grape industry, but the shift towards licensed varieties and diversification of producing regions has helped mitigate the impact. Despite the lower volume of grapes worldwide, prices have increased due to a correct overlap in supply from the southern hemisphere. The final price balance for the season is yet to be determined as there is still fruit in transit.
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In the month of November, Provid made a projection that estimated that they would export 64.9 billion boxes of table grapes. In that sense, the general manager of the institution, Alejandro Cabrera, indicated that as of week 6, Peru has exported exactly 60,166 million boxes of 8.2 kilos. “This reflects a drop in shipments from Peru compared to last season. Until week 6, we had a 5% drop that we had previously reported due to the effects of the weather,” Cabrera indicated. He explained that the area most affected by the drop in production was the northern regions. “Their shipments have decreased, considering the accumulated volume as of week 6 of the previous year,” he said. “It is 31% less fruit in the north.” Cabrera pointed out that Peru's campaign is very long, it covers two areas, the north and the south, with different situations. “It is important that we see the full picture,” he said, “and today we already see a 31% drop in the volume exported from the northern region.” He ...
Source: MXfruit
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