‘Pest and disease warning’ issued for spring crops

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Published Apr 22, 2024

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The Rural Development Administration has alerted farmers and agricultural stakeholders about the increasing threat of pests and diseases on crops such as barley, onions, apples, pears, and corn. The advisory includes warnings about red mold disease in barley, onion downy mildew, and apple and pear fruit tree burn disease, offering guidance on control and prevention strategies. The early arrival of tropical cutworm moths in Jeju highlights the escalating concern over alien pests, underscoring the critical need for enhanced surveillance and proactive management in the agricultural sector to safeguard crops.
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There are high concerns about the spread of pests and diseases in barley, onions, apples, pears, and corn. Thorough surveillance and prevention are urgently needed. On the 18th, the Rural Development Administration issued an ‘advisory’ on red mold disease of red mold and apple and pear fruit tree burn through ‘Crop Pest Occurrence Information No. 4 (April 1-30, 2024)’. Warnings for onion downy mildew were issued consecutively in March and April. Red mold disease, which damages barley, is common when it rains frequently around the planting season in April. Onion downy mildew is also a disease to watch out for. When spores, such as gray powder or soot, begin to form on the leaves of the affected plant, they must be controlled with registered chemicals to prevent the possibility of infection. Burn disease cannot be controlled once it is contracted, so for prevention, the orchard must be kept clean and work tools must be frequently disinfected when entering or leaving the orchard. ...
Source: Nongmin
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