Philippine agriculture expected to achieve higher growth in 2024

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Published Feb 1, 2024

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Albay Rep. Salceda has announced that the Philippine agriculture sector is set to experience significant growth this year, thanks to reforms implemented by Agriculture Secretary Laurel. The Department of Agriculture's strategy to boost production is expected to drive economic growth between 6.5% and 7.5%. Secretary Laurel's three-year development plan for agriculture and fisheries includes investment in post-harvest facilities, digital transformation of agriculture, and construction of cold storage facilities.
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According to a report by the Philippine Daily Tribune on January 28, Albay Rep. Salceda said that due to the vigorous implementation of reforms by Philippine Agriculture Secretary Laurel, the Philippine agriculture is expected to achieve higher growth this year. The Philippines’ GDP growth last year About 6%, but it has failed to lift many Filipinos out of poverty. Sa said that the Philippine economy will benefit from the Department of Agriculture’s plan to increase production this year, promoting economic growth of 6.5% to 7.5%. In addition, agricultural growth is key to eradicating poverty. effect. ​ Philippine Agriculture Secretary Laurel recently proposed a three-year plan for the development of agriculture and fisheries at a cabinet meeting, ...
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