Philippines suddenly condemns China's behavior, what's up?

Updated Sep 25, 2023
Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The Philippines accused China's coast guard of installing a "floating barrier" in the disputed South China Sea area. The Philippines says the floating barrier makes it difficult for Filipinos to enter and fish in the area. Reporting from Reuters, coast guard spokesman Commodore Jay Tarriela said that they and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources "strongly condemn" China's installation of the barrier on part of Scarborough Shoal. "Floating objects that prevent fishermen from getting out of shallow waters make them lose their fishing activities and their livelihoods," he said, as quoted on Sunday (24/9/2023). "(The Philippine Coast Guard) will continue to work with all relevant government agencies to address these challenges, uphold our maritime rights, and protect our maritime domain," he continued. Tarriela said Philippine coast guard and fisheries bureau officers discovered the floating barrier, which is estimated to be 300 meters long, during a ...
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