Ukraine: Pig carcass prices fell to UAH 55-57/kg

Published May 19, 2024

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The prices for slaughter pigs in Ukraine continued to decline in the second half of May, with the weighted average market price reaching UAH 55.8/kg, a 4.5% decrease from the previous week, according to the "Swine Farmers of Ukraine" Association. The majority of operators purchased pigs at a range of UAH 55-57/kg, with some higher and lower quotations for heavier categories, leading to pressure on the general price situation. Meat processing representatives have mixed expectations about the future of these prices, with some predicting further decreases due to slow realization and oversupply, while others anticipate increased sales with the anticipated return of picnic-friendly weather.
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In the second half of May, prices for slaughter pigs continued their downward trend, analysts of the "Swine Farmers of Ukraine" Association report with reference to the results of weekly monitoring. This week, most operators on the live stock market purchased animals in the range of UAH 55-57/kg, although both higher and lower quotations occasionally occur. The latter, in particular, mainly concern animals of higher weight categories, the supply of which still puts pressure on the general price situation. A little higher than in other regions, the level of prices was observed in the western regions, although in the rest of the regions the quotations tended to reach the mark of UAH 55.5/kg. The weighted average market price stood at UAH 55.8/kg or 4.5% lower compared to the previous week. Expectations of meat processing representatives regarding further price dynamics differ. Thus, part of the procurers does not rule out a further weakening of prices, referring to ...
Source: Agravery
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