Pig industry and technology development status in 2023

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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In 2023, China's pig production capacity increased, but market oversupply led to depressed prices and annual losses. The U.S. had an abundant pork supply leading to lower prices, while EU pig production declined and prices increased due to inflation and the African swine fever epidemic. Despite this, China remained the world's largest pork importer. The global pig population declined slightly, but total global pork production increased. In terms of technology, significant developments were made in genetic improvement technology and precision nutrition. However, the African swine fever epidemic severely impacted pig-raising enterprises, making the development of a safe and efficient vaccine a priority.
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Abstract: In 2023, China's pig production capacity continues to grow, market supply continues to exceed demand, and prices have been depressed for a long time. It has become the first year of annual losses since 2014. The entire pig industry is in a state of struggle, and production capacity has been reduced. Insufficient. The U.S. pork supply is sufficient, prices have fallen, EU pig production has declined, and prices have increased. In terms of pork trade, China is still the world's largest pork importer, importing 2.275 million tons throughout the year. This article summarizes domestic and foreign pig production and trade in 2023 Overview, it analyzes the changes in different technical fields of the pig industry, looks forward to the development prospects of the pig industry in 2024, and puts forward policy recommendations for the development of the pig industry. 1 Analysis of production changes 1.1 Changes in domestic pig production China's pig production capacity will ...
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