Pitahaya in Piura: Excess supply hinders profitability for producers

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Pitahaya cultivation in Montero, Ayabaca, in the Piura mountains, promoted by the NGO Cooperativa Agraria Ecológica y Solidaria Piura, is facing a drastic drop in prices due to overproduction and lack of demand. The fruit is currently being sold at a low price of 4 soles per kilo. The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) and the Regional Directorate of Agriculture of Piura (DRA-Piura) are being criticized for not providing adequate guidance to producers to prevent excessive planting.
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( A few years ago, the NGO Cooperativa Agraria Ecológica y Solidaria Piura, led by Eng. Elber Meza, persuaded the farmers of Montero, Ayabaca, in the Piura mountains, to bet on the cultivation of pitahaya due to the promising market prospects, points out the Agro Perú Informa portal. However, according to this source, the reality has been different. Despite tireless efforts to promote the cultivation of pitahaya, the lack of demand has led to drastic measures: the fruit is sold at only 4 soles per kilo, a price that makes it difficult to cover production costs. Overproduction would be the main cause of this decrease in prices. It is estimated that the average biweekly production of a group of farmers associated with this NGO amounts to 700 kilos, thus exacerbating the economic challenges they face. The lack of demand in the local market has created an unsustainable situation for many farmers, who depend on the sale of their products ...
Source: Agraria
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