Peru: Kent mango campaign begins with a value of S/ 200 per bag for air shipment

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Published Nov 22, 2023

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The Kent mango campaign in Piura, Peru has experienced high prices due to limited production caused by the El Niño phenomenon. The "air" mango, exported by air, is being sold at a price of S/ 200 for a 20 kilo jar, while the "sea" mango, exported by sea, is being sold at S/ 70 per jaba. The lack of flowering in the mango plants has resulted in a drastic reduction in productivity and a high demand for the fruit.
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( The Kent mango campaign in Piura began with a price that has reached S/ 200 soles for a 20 kilo jar, that is, S/ 10 soles per kilo that is paid on the farm to each producer for export by air. While the mango exported by sea reached a price of S/ 70 per jaba, S/ 3.5 for each kilo in the field. The high prices, compared only to the previous harvest, are due to the reduction in production due to the limited flowering of the plants as a consequence of the high temperatures generated by the El Niño phenomenon. “The price of the ‘air’ mango ranges between S/ 180 and S/ 200 for a 20 kilo jar. It is a good price, but only for some producers and for those who have been successful in managing it. Climate change has been very hard for farmers,” explained the vice president of the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers (Promango), Milton Calle Cueva, in an interview with the Service for Comprehensive Rural Development (SEDIR), an institution that provides technical support to ...
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