Poland and Ukraine agreed on trade in agricultural products following the Romanian model - Tusk

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Published Mar 29, 2024

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Poland and Ukraine have agreed to explore solutions to their trade disputes over Ukrainian agricultural products by considering the protective measures implemented by Bulgaria and Romania. During intergovernmental talks in Warsaw, Prime Minister Donald Tusk highlighted progress in setting quotas for Ukrainian agricultural imports and managing their transit through Poland. The approach taken by Romania, which involves special permissions for importing certain Ukrainian goods, is among the strategies being evaluated to address the trade issues between Poland and Ukraine.
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Warsaw and Kyiv will take into account the measures previously taken by the authorities of Bulgaria and Romania regarding the import of Ukrainian products to resolve problems in trade in agricultural products between the two countries. Prime Minister of the Republic Donald Tusk told reporters about this following the results of Polish-Ukrainian intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw. “We agreed that solutions that work well in terms of protecting the Romanian and Bulgarian markets [from the influx of Ukrainian agricultural products] will find their application in our relations with [Ukraine],” he said at a press conference, broadcast was conducted on the social networks of the office of the Polish Prime Minister. Tusk did not specify what specific measures taken by Bulgaria and Romania in relation to Ukrainian products were being discussed. The Prime Minister of Poland also noted that during the negotiations the parties made progress in terms of determining quotas for the ...
Source: Kvedomosti
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