Poland is preparing to introduce new restrictions on food imports from Ukraine

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Published Feb 29, 2024

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has warned of potential new import bans on Ukrainian grain and other products, unless the EU takes action to safeguard its markets. This follows protests from Polish farmers against Ukrainian food imports and EU environmental regulations. The EU's abolition of duties on Ukrainian food imports in 2022 has led to a surge of cheap, and occasionally contaminated, Ukrainian wheat in Eastern European countries. Further protests by Polish farmers are anticipated if no solution is found.
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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said his country could impose new import bans on Ukrainian grain and other products if the EU does not take action to protect its markets. The comments come as thousands of Polish farmers protest in Warsaw against food imports from Ukraine and EU environmental regulations. Farmers across Europe are protesting against restrictions imposed on them by EU Green Deal regulations designed to combat climate change, as well as rising costs and what they say is unfair competition from Ukraine and some other countries. Read also Kyiv is angry with Polish farmers for sabotage on the railway In 2022, after the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the EU abolished duties on Ukrainian food imports. First of all, Eastern European countries suffered from this, where a flow of cheap and sometimes even contaminated Ukrainian wheat poured in. Last year, Poland introduced a moratorium on grain imports from its neighboring country. Polish ...
Source: Rosng
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