Poland will not be able to independently solve the grain issue with Ukraine

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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Polish President Andrzej Duda, in an interview with LRT, emphasized that Poland alone cannot address the challenges posed by the influx of Ukrainian grain following the EU's decision to lift import restrictions. He stressed the need for a political solution at the European Union level, highlighting the adverse effects on countries like Poland and the broader implications for Ukraine's potential EU accession. Duda pointed out that unilateral actions by Poland to restrict Ukrainian imports would violate EU rules, thereby urging Brussels to find a solution that safeguards member states against the current difficulties.
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Poland will not be able to solve the "grain issue" with Ukraine on its own, since it must be done at the political level within the European Union. This opinion was expressed by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda in an interview with LRT, writes APC-Inform. "Because this is really a very serious problem and it will remain a problem in the future. I want to emphasize that it was Brussels that made the decision to lift restrictions on food imports from Ukraine to the EU. Unfortunately, this has consequences outside of Ukraine, in particular in Poland," he recalled. At the same time, A. Duda added that in the context of Ukraine's future accession to the European Union, it is necessary to resolve, in particular, the issue of Ukrainian agricultural exports, which, in fact, "is a political issue and, of course, concerns ordinary people, ordinary farmers." "We need to solve this, but Poland itself will not solve this problem, ...
Source: Agravery
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