Polish government has recognized that all Ukrainian grain is in transit

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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Poland's Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Michal Kolodziejczak, has refuted claims that Ukrainian grain is being stored in Poland despite an embargo, clarifying that it is merely in transit. Kolodziejczak expressed concerns over Ukrainian products pushing Polish goods out of EU markets and proposed the introduction of quotas for Ukrainian goods entering the EU. He also revealed that the agriculture ministers of Poland and Ukraine are scheduled to hold discussions.
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Reports that Ukrainian grain remains in Poland despite the embargo have not been confirmed. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Poland Michal Kolodziejczak, according to the PAP agency. He noted that Ukrainian grain is currently in transit through Poland and is not imported into the country. “Neither wheat, nor corn, nor rapeseed. These products do not stay here,” the deputy minister emphasized. Kolodziejczak said that over the past few weeks he has received several news reports about the alleged unloading of Ukrainian goods in Poland, which should have only passed through the country. “None of these reports have been confirmed,” he added. At the same time, the deputy minister expressed concern that Ukrainian products are displacing Polish ones from EU markets. According to him, quotas should be introduced for goods from Ukraine entering the EU. Their transportation outside the EU should also be made more efficient. “We are currently allowing ourselves to be ...
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