Polish ports are interested in transshipment of Ukrainian grain

Published Apr 18, 2024

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Monika Piontkowska, the president of the Grain and Fodder Chamber of Poland, has called for the continuation of the blockade on Ukrainian grain imports to protect Polish farmers, while also advocating for the allowance of grain transit through Poland, given there's capacity in Polish ports. She pointed out the need for urgent expansion of Polish port and railway infrastructure, similar to developments in Romania with EU funding, to better support Ukraine and ensure the interests of Polish farmers are safeguarded. Piontkowska believes that finding a balance and creating effective cooperation mechanisms are key to easing tensions and fostering collaboration within Europe.
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It would be expedient for Poland to maintain the blockade on the import of Ukrainian grain, but its transit should be allowed when Polish ports have free capacity for transshipment. Such an opinion was expressed by the president of the Grain and Fodder Chamber of Poland, Monika Piontkowska, reports Interfax-Ukraine. "Today, it would be better if the grain import blockade was maintained, and when it comes to transit, we could implement it to some extent and thus help Ukraine when we have free processing capacity in Polish ports," she said. At the same time, M. Piontkowska noted that in the first quarter of 2024, Polish ports were not 100% loaded. "We have to conclude that our port infrastructure, as well as our railway infrastructure, are ineffective. Now is the time to expand it. I believe that we have overslept the last two years in this context. Romania received funds from the European Union, is expanding its infrastructure, and Poland has not yet done so," the public figure ...
Source: Agravery
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