Portugal: Breeding population drops 4.7% in April 2024

Published Jun 17, 2024

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Preliminary data for April 2024 reveals a decrease in the number of pigs in Portugal, with a total of 2,091,002 heads, marking a 2.4% reduction from the previous year and a 3.4% decrease from December 2023. The breeding sow herd also saw a reduction of 4.7% compared to April 2023, resulting in 186,696 sows. The number of unmatted gilts experienced a slight increase of 2.9% from April 2023, totaling 22,965. However, there was a decrease in the number of piglets under 20kg by 1% from December 2023, totaling 810,010. The most significant decrease was in fattening pigs, with a 17.1% reduction from April 2023 and a more pronounced 19.4% reduction from December 2023, totaling 878,669 heads.
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Preliminary data published by IFAP regarding the number of pigs in Portugal shows that the total number of pigs in April 2024 was 2091002 heads, which represents a reduction of 2.4% compared to April 2023. , when the total herd was 2142764 heads and a decrease of 3.4% compared to December 2023 when the herd was 2163241. With regard to breeding sows (primiparous, multiparous and lactating), the herd, in April 2024, was 186696 sows, which represents a reduction of 183132 heads, which represents a reduction of 9178 heads, or -4, 7% compared to April 2023, when the herd was 195874. In relation to December 2023, the herd was 188054 sows, which represents a reduction of 0.7%, that is, 1358 fewer sows. In April 2024 there were 22,965 unmatted gilts on Portuguese farms. Compared to December 2023, there is a reduction of 830 uncovered gilts. Compared to April 2023, when there were 22,328 gilts not covered, there was an increase of 2.9% for August, that is, 637 more heads. The number of ...
Source: 3tres3
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